National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories

(A Constituent Board of Quality Council of India)

Soil Testing Laboratory Program

Terms & Conditions
The applicant and recognized laboratories under this Scheme shall be required to fulfill the following terms & conditions:
  1. The laboratory shall meet the requirements of Regulators (Local/Regional/State /National regulations), etc.
  2. This scheme will not be covered under ILAC/APAC MRA.
  3. The laboratory shall offer cooperation to NABL or its representative in undergoing assessments whenever NABL considered it as required:
    • Access to all laboratory area of operations
    • Undertaking any check / inspection to verify the capability of the laboratory for the applied scope.
    • Witnessing the activities being performed relevant to this scheme.
    • Assessing the competence of the staff during assessment.
    • Access to all relevant information and documentation.
    • Access to those documents that provide insight into the level of independence and impartiality to the laboratory from its related bodies, if applicable.
    • Access to all records pertaining to relevant personnel.
    • Providing names of all personnel(s) who are responsible for authenticity and for review, evaluation & release of results as applicable.
    • Investigating any complaints against the laboratory.
  4. The laboratory shall not involve in any kind of activity(ies) which may bring NABL into disrepute.
  5. The recognized laboratories under this scheme, can relinquish through a written notice to NABL by surrendering the certificates.
  6. The laboratory shall respond promptly to the changes initiated by NABL in its criteria, policies and procedures. The laboratory shall inform NABL when such alterations under the agreed time frame have been completed.
  7. NABL absolves itself of any legal or financial liability arising out of activities of any of its laboratory covered under this scheme involving any accidental or consequential damages to personnel / equipment / products at any time. Any violation of this terms and conditions shall result in denial of certificate under this scheme. All disputes, if any, arising out of NABL decisions that remain unresolved through mechanism provided by NABL are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts at New Delhi and none other.